MopaCan packaging (food)

Pack your dishes 100% suitable for microwaves, attractive, practical and make use of the logistical advantages.

With Mopacan you pack your high quality ready meals 100% microwave suitable, sterilisable, attractive and practical.
The thermoformed shell (made of co-extruded PP-EVOH-PP composite) is a real alternative to the classic aluminium and sheet steel cans.
Mopacan can be closed with all common lid variants. Stacking ability and low weight guarantee logistical advantages.

For example, Mopacan is ideal for:

  • Ready meals «Chili con carne», Gulash or Fondue
  • Legumes etc.
  • Sauces like Carbonara, Sugo for pizzas, Toppings etc.
  • Dairy like Rice pudding, Semolina, Pudding, Baby food etc.

The advantages of Mopacan at a glance:

  • 100 % microwave suitable
  • Can be sterilised
  • Different types of closure possible
  • Can be processed on any conventional can flanging machine
  • Great variety of shapes
  • Short production time for individual shapes
  • Direct printing or labelling before filling
  • Low packaging weight
  • Reduced volume by means of stacking ability